anne lueth says: have a nice day

All Photos Taken by Anne Lüth

I was a bit slow these last weeks. There hasn’t been much time to keep track of everything what was going on here. Even if this is the good stuff. and sorry i’m no good in keeping it short, either : ) BUT NOW: THANK YOU!
Thank you, Ross, for not few reblogs : ) It’s a great honour to find one’s pic on your page within all of this fantastic photography of yours.
Thank you for your reblogs, too, mr uncool, with whom i think i’m sharing some serious love for Hamburg.
Then there were these TWO reblogs and my first tag from tumblr team architecture that made my heart bump.
Thank you so so much for having a glance at my images and then even reblogging one of them - 
Thank you dear LUX LIT for reblogging NIGHT CALL
Thank you dear GRAY CARD for reblogging UNLAODING

I couldn’t be any happier! Guess, i’m still smiling, you made my day!! 

(there are so many more, i didnt forget about you… i’m on it :)

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